Volume 2, Issue 9


A storm that made history!

What started as a normal day on August 25 ended up being one of the worst Hurricane’s in history. No matter how prepared anyone was, this was one storm that would affect people across the city and test their will. If you did not suffer damage, well, you were one of the few lucky ones as Houston observed all-time record daily rainfall accumulations on both August 26 and 27, measuring at 14.4in. to 16.08in. An estimated 30 percent of Harris County was submerged. On August 28, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began controlled water releases from Addicks and Barker Reservoirs in the Buffalo Bayou watershed in an attempt to manage flood levels in the immediate area. According to the local Corps commander, "It’s going to be better to release the water through the gates directly into Buffalo Bayou as opposed to letting it go around the end and through additional neighborhoods and ultimately into the bayou." At the time the releases started, the reservoirs had been rising at more than 6 inches per hour. Many people began evacuating the area, fearing a levee breach. Despite attempts to alleviate the water rise, the Addicks Reservoir reached capacity on the morning of August 29 and began spilling out. Causing more devastation to an already affected area in Northwest Houston. Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed the state's entire National Guard to help local responders with search and rescue, recovery, and cleanup operations due to the devastating damage caused by the storm and resulting floods. Highways looks like rivers with boats for miles, and cars and homes barely visible to the eye. After the storm passed the panic was not over as overflowing bayous and rivers still caused flooding throughout the week. More than 210,000 people registered with FEMA for disaster assistance. The Cajun Navy, an informal organization of volunteers with boats from Louisiana, deployed to Texas to assist in high-water rescues. The wake of this storm was a big eye opener for local officials that what may have worked then is not the case now and major changes needed to be made to the reservoirs’ to prevent something like this from happening again.

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