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Wortham Center Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department Station No. 2 on schedule and with roof.

Special points of interest:

JE Dunn was asked if future rain in forecast could interrupt operations and they assured the Harris County Emergency Service District No. 9 Commissioners that none of the projects would be impacted in any way, and they would continue to operate as usual. The Commissioners could not be more excited to finally see a vision they worked on coming to life. It is imperative to them that everything is done right and for the well- being of the community. The construction committee (Vice President Scott DeBoer, and Treasurer Jeremy Martinson) collaborate with JE Dunn and Martinez Architects and work together on all stations projects. They will ensure these fire stations support the needs of the fire department and the community in which they are located and can accommodate extremely diverse functions.

 Construction

 Lane Closures

 CFVFD Hiring

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