Volume 2, Issue 6

New Stations

Station 9 (above) has started on the building pad and foundation. Structure is set to begin in October and the completion is expected in May 2018. This station will be located in Cherry Park east of Cherry Park Dr. near the Glen Chase Dr. intersection.

Station No. 13 (above) shows the steel erection of the structure and the building starting to take shape. This 2 acre station is said to have a completion date of December 2017. Located in Bridgeland on the east side of Westgreen just south of Bridgeland Creek Parkway with approximately 19,000 sq. ft. holding 5 apparatus bays. Living quarters. A training/conference room, work rooms, decontamination room, turnout gear space, EMS storage, along with a physical wellness area.

Station 7 (above) is the only station that is being demolished and rebuilt onsite. This station remains at the same location and is said to be completed in December of this year.

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