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Volume 2, Issue 1


New Year, New Stations! That’s right CyFair! This year will be an exciting time of growth for our District and Fire Department as construction will begin with four fire stations this year. Two of those fire stations, 2 and 9 will be relocated for better coverage. Station 7 will be rebuilt on site to add ambulance capability. Station 13 will be constructed in the Bridgeland area. As mentioned in the last newsletter announcements, HCESD9 continues to work to identify growth areas in the District. CFVFD has been preparing for the changes along with the HCESD9 approved purchases of additional equipment and resources including the incorporation of the EViEWS Safety System. Additional rescue capability has been added with the purchase of four rescue boats, high water rescue vehicle, and additional apparatuses for the expanded stations and new station. These changes are due to the increase in population growth such as new subdivisions similar to Bridgeland. The Bridgeland Station 13 will be located just off Fry Road East of Westgreen Blvd and South of Bridgeland Creek Parkway. In the past year 6 fire engines, 2 Towers, 2 Ladders, 4 Boats, and High water Rescue Vehicle have been approved for purchase by the District to be operated by CyFair Volunteer Fire Department. Due to the manufacturing timeline of fire apparatus, the equipment will be delivered 2017 thru 2018. Chief of Operations, Brent Scalise said “The 6 Engines will be housed at 1’s, 7’s, 9’s, 10’s, 12’s, and 13’s. The Towers will be housed at 7’s and 9’s. The Ladders will be housed at 10’s and 13’s.” Mr. Scalise also reported that the Towers and Ladders are split up within the territory. “There will be a ladder and a tower on the west end of the territory and a ladder and tower towards the east end of the territory for better coverage.” Scalise said. “The 4 Evacuation boats were purchased for large scale incidents and will be housed in the warehouse. They will only be utilized when we have a need for more than the 2 boats. The other 2 Evacuation boats will remain at station 7 and 11. The addition of the 4 Evacuation boats will give us a total of 6 evacuation boats which will allow us to keep our Swift Water boat available for rescues in swift water rather using it for evacuating citizens. The High Water vehicle is a 5-ton military vehicle that will also be housed at the warehouse to be used for evacuations in high water.” Scalise said. Changes are underway for the District as the Commissioners prepare as construction is started in early 2017. Commissioner Martinson and Commissioner DeBoer, who are on the Construction Committee for the District are working with Martinez Architects along JE Dunn, construction manager at-risk

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